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HVAC automation

There are many incentives to implementing your building with HVAC automation capabilities. Whether it’s energy-savings, futureproofing, integration with a BAS, or creating a comfortable building environment for your occupants, HVAC automation systems can help you manage your building better than ever before. 

“As a facilities manager, knowing who’s in which rooms of your building and when is important,” says. And thanks to HVAC automation systems, you can gather all of the data you need to curate an environment that is both comfortable for your occupants and respectful of your energy bill. 

If you’re looking for a way to create the best building environments for your occupants, regardless of where they are in your building, then ODIN can help. Here’s how the HVAC automation capabilities of our intuitive software can ensure that your building environmental systems are working as efficiently as possible.

Strategically Placed HVAC Sensors

Providing a pleasant environment for the occupants in a building is one of the most essential tasks a building systems operator has. If the occupants are too hot, too cold, or experiencing any discomfort, then it’s the job of the HVAC managers, engineers, or operators—depending on the source of the issue—to resolve the discomfort by adjusting the building’s HVAC operation. 

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The problem with this is that most of the heating and cooling zones in the average building “don't have enough temperature sensors,” and according to Energy Central, “The limited temperature data they do have provides only a coarse level of temperature control.” Without the right data at your fingertips, your ability to manipulate your building’s many segmented environments will be profoundly impaired, making it difficult to provide for the needs of your occupants. 

Thankfully, strategically placed HVAC sensors can make a world of difference. If we go back to Energy Central, we’ll see how “Additional temperatures sensors that cover the entire heating/cooling zone will provide fine-grained temperature controls.” 

This is how Facility Executive describes the ideal scenario: Integrated “HVAC controls create an optimum indoor environment. They can share the same sensors to determine whether a room is occupied and automatically adjust the lighting and temperature to ideal settings. The BAS can turn off lights and raise or lower the temperature to save energy when the room is empty.” 

With automated HVAC controls implemented in your building, you can make sure that the right environments are given the appropriate amount of attention to ensure that the people within them are experiencing the ideal level of comfort. 

HVAC Automation and the SMART Buildings of the Future

As new technologies—like the Internet-of-Things (IoT)—find a home across a multitude of industries and environments, the buildings we live in, work in, and manage are becoming more connected than they’ve ever been before. 

However, these new technologies often result in higher energy costs that can drain a building’s budget if not handled properly. And if a building manager prioritizes energy savings above all else, then the building's occupants may suffer, harming the building’s overall efficiency and profitability. 

Like says, “energy reduction strategies are only successful if they reduce building energy use without sacrificing end-user comfort, IAQ or other aspects of the building’s original design intent.” With the HVAC automation capabilities of ODIN, you can make sure that every building under your supervision maintains an energy-efficient and comfortable environment for all its occupants. 

ODIN can connect you to your facility’s HVAC automation systems from any device, anywhere, and at any time. No matter where you are in the world, you can rest easy knowing that your building will detect any changes in its environment and, if needed, automatically make the necessary adjustments to maintain user comfort and HVAC efficiency

And if the issue requires a human touch, then you’ll be notified with an easy-to-read breakdown of the HVAC issue so you can quickly pinpoint a solution and make sure it’s delivered to whoever is most qualified to enact that solution. If you want to learn more about how connecting with ODIN can help you, then reach out to us today

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