How to Boost Performance & Compliance in Health Facilities Management

Posted by Connect with ODIN on Jul 1, 2021 7:37:21 PM

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Get the Information You Need — Fast

Health facilities management systems are often complex and difficult to set up, navigate, or operate without the expertise of a highly trained technician. Our cloud-based ODIN software is designed to make it easy for anyone to adjust, trend, schedule, and set alarms within even the largest health facilities management systems. 

You’ll be able to install everything and get started with just a few clicks on our flexible, automated interface. During setup, ODIN identifies and connects all BACnet devices seamlessly into a unified system within minutes. From that point forward, you can handle everything in your BMS from a simple, intuitive mobile application on laptops, tablets, or smartphones from anywhere, at any time.  

Use ODIN for instant visibility into (and control over) all core aspects of your system:

  • Adjust set points
  • Trend data
  • Manage schedules
  • Set alerts and alarms
  • Respond to alarm notifications 
  • Use a single login for all sites and systems

Compliance Reporting Made Easy

When the Joint Commission comes on-site for a regular inspection, they’ll be looking for evidence of compliance with the rigorous HVAC standards for hospitals.  These inspections are truly painless when you have easy access to trends and historical performance data. An intuitive visual readout on a mobile application, accessible from the palm of any technician’s hand, makes it even easier.

ODIN makes it possible to display relevant, real-time, and historical data trends with a few taps of your fingers and showcase your compliance with HVAC standards for hospitals in moments. As one health facilities management client reported, “Not only is ODIN a time saver and a resource saver but it’s also one of the easier ways to keep an organization in compliance with what they need to do.”

Healthcare maintenance contractors love this same functionality for warranty work, as it’s easy to demonstrate which devices are being used properly and efficiently, and where gaps exist. Those same insights are excellent for optimizing system efficiency and identifying targets for preventative maintenance before real issues arise.

Fast Access Improves Performance 

Streamlined, on-the-go access to HVAC data and BMS controls has direct performance benefits for your hospital. When an air handling unit goes down due to a malfunction or a short in the electrical system, ODIN can automatically push notifications to techs with the app on their phones, to alert them instantly and reduce downtime to a minimum.

Techs would then be able to check, adjust, and coordinate other on-site systems with ODIN to cover the gaps until on-site personnel can get a fix in place for the unit. Conveniences like these have helped one of our health facilities management clients to maximize a hospital’s performance on air changes per hour (ACH), reducing the time it takes to clean the air in an OR after each aerosolizing procedure to just 7 minutes.

Connect With ODIN

Our team would love to hear from you and discuss the many personalizable features of ODIN that can help you get the most out of your facility. Get in touch with us today to share your unique health facilities management challenges and learn more about how ODIN can help.

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