Become an ODIN Reseller

Posted by Connect with ODIN on May 23, 2023 10:30:00 AM

Become an ODIN Reseller

Building automation service providers face frequent urgent requests. One minute you’re on-site for maintenance on a local building automation system and the next you’re rushing out the door to service another location. While it’s good to be busy, things could be simpler. ODIN users appreciate the time and money they save with remote monitoring and control.

ODIN (Operator Display Integrated Network) is a cloud-based building management software that’s BACnet-certified with SSL security encryption. It allows you to manage your customers’ building automation and HVAC systems from your mobile device at any time, anywhere — the ultimate remote building control solution.

This simple, versatile, and effective platform allows you to deal with multiple building operational issues in a fraction of the time compared to scheduling on-site visits. It provides users immediate access to all BACnet devices and systems through their mobile devices, allowing them to make split-second decisions that generate immediate savings and improvements.

Common Building Owner Challenges

Hiring qualified building automation technicians in today’s economy can be a challenge. Service contractors require careful training on the latest technological trends, too – and this is exactly why ODIN appeals to building owners.

ODIN makes building management so easy and hassle-free that even people in non-technical roles can be comfortable operating the system. Many building automation systems are extremely complex. It’s common for multiple building management systems to manage different equipment, services, building locations, and HVAC systems. Troubleshooting all of them can be time-consuming, costly, and fraught with potential errors.

ODIN solves these common building automation system issues by integrating all of these systems into a single, user-friendly interface on your mobile phone. This allows you to provide better and faster information. In turn, service providers can distinguish themselves as a reliable go-to resource for fast response.

Differentiating yourself as an ODIN reseller will not only improve your customer relationships but will go a long way to building and growing your business and revenue.

With ODIN, customers won’t need to continually reschedule visits with service contractors or technicians or deal with the frustration of last-second cancellations or delays. These things are natural when on-site visits are required, but with ODIN, it’s all at your fingertips. Real-time data, alarms, schedules, and trends are available with just a thumb swipe on your mobile device.

How ODIN Helps its Resellers Succeed

Your success is our success. The ODIN team stands ready and able to assist you with any questions you may have about the platform. We can help you handle customer objections, and concerns, and provide answers to common questions.

As a reseller, you will be trained on how to install and maintain your customer’s ODIN software. Your customer – the building owner – will then manage the ongoing ODIN subscription while you perform periodic maintenance.

Take care of your customers’ needs from any device, anywhere, at any time with access to all of the BACnet devices and objects on a customer's connected site. Seamlessly configure the system exactly how the owner wants to use it. Together, we can reduce your risk of costly unmonitored events with immediate control access, powered by ODIN.

Become an ODIN Reseller

ODIN is a real difference-maker. It’s a solution that allows you to become that all-important trusted partner in the eyes of your customers. Contact us now to learn more about the system and become an ODIN reseller.

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