End the Healthcare Facility Management Runaround With Mobile Access

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Systems for HVAC in healthcare facilities must balance complexity with urgency. A large hospital or other healthcare facilities may include a dozen or more ORs with sensitive temperature and ventilation needs, which may need to change rapidly — perhaps to drop temperatures for a procedure or to cycle in clean air after an aerosolizing event. 

The heavy lifting is handled by numerous HVAC devices, air handling units, Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes, and more, but ultimately, these devices must still be managed by people. Your building management system (BMS) is designed to help the techs monitor and regulate the activities of a vast network of HVAC devices. However, healthcare facility management staff in many hospitals come up against the same common set of problems.

The Healthcare Facility Management Runaround

If your technicians frequently find themselves on the roof checking device statuses or calling contractors out for on-site trips, you’re not alone. Some older BMS setups can even require two workers to position themselves in separate locations to accomplish one task. 

Cape Cod Hospital Case Study

For example, it’s possible that your BMS is accessed via one of several stationary computers that are connected to the building network. However, in order to fix and test a malfunctioning system, you may need to have one tech standing at a computer (to turn the unit on) while another must be located at the unit (to report on whether it’s working). In the absence of manpower, this becomes a relay race for a single technician who must continually run back and forth between a computer and the unit.

Things only get more complicated if an off-site contractor’s assistance is needed. Many systems will require a contractor to physically travel on-site before they’re able to take a look at unit statuses or assist in maintenance and adjustments.

We designed ODIN to put an end to this runaround.

 A True Mobile Solution

ODIN is a cloud-based BMS for BACnet that’s designed to augment your current BMS and empower your healthcare facility management staff. Shed the limitations of stationary computer access to your BMS with a truly mobile solution that makes it possible to securely access the HVAC system from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

With ODIN, you’re getting:

  • Software that fits seamlessly with your existing BMS.
  • A fast-deploying solution that will automatically find and integrate all BACnet devices on your network during setup.
  • An intuitive interface with a low learning curve.
  • Flexibility to use a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Rapid visibility into the system from off-site, during evening hours, at home, and more.
  • The ability to check set points or make adjustments from the palm of your hand while handling other tasks.

Whenever an OR or any other area of the hospital needs a rapid adjustment, no one needs to find and move to a computer with BMS access to handle it. They can easily check their phones and save the trip. Contractors will appreciate the ability to gain narrow access to specific buildings or subdivisions of your system without needing to download a full program for the BMS controls. Off-site resolutions become possible, too. Your healthcare facility management staff can respond quickly to set point requests without calling busy technicians down off of the roof, coming into the hospital (e.g. during a weekend with limited on-site staff), or even logging into a laborious remote system through a home computer.

The bottom line is that a truly mobile option makes everything more efficient. You’re unchained from the on-site network and no longer need to run back and forth between physical units and computers. Curious about what else ODIN can do for you? Contact our team to learn more today!

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