Should You Integrate Smart Technology Solutions into Your BAS?

Posted by Connect with ODIN on Dec 17, 2020 10:56:17 AM

smart technology solutions

Smart homes—and the automated technology they helped make popular—entered the scene in the tail-end of the 1990s and found their foothold in the early 2000s. The prospect of a home autonomously managing lighting, heating, and other actions seemed right out of a movie, and it was only a matter of time before those smart technology solutions found a home in other environments.

Flash forward to the modern-day and smart building technology is rapidly growing roots in the broader, more complex building and facility management world. The smart technology solutions introduced in the home have been scaled up and modified to equip larger buildings and offices with a litany of tools and systems that can cut operating costs, improve HVAC efficiency, and even lead to happier, healthier occupants.

While, by design, almost every building automation system (BAS) involves some level of smart technology solutions, it’s not always the comprehensive collection of functionalities you may be looking for. That’s where ODIN’s cloud-based, BACnet-certified app can help.

Creating an Integrated Building Management System

The best BAS technologies are the ones that connect all of a facility’s internal systems into one interconnected platform. However, this is a harder feature to find than it should be. 

An integrated building management system offers a better, smarter solution. When you use an app like ODIN, you’ll be able to create a series of integrations that ensure your entire building can be managed from the same place. And since ODIN goes where you go, you can comfortably monitor, manage, and adjust your building’s HVAC, security, and other internal systems from wherever you are—no need to be on site.

A building’s smart technology solutions are only as smart as its ability to communicate with and learn from itself. With ODIN, you won’t only be able to integrate all of your systems, but it can also autonomously adjust settings and resolve problems before they become real problems. Suppose a discrepancy in an HVAC machine is causing a floor to run colder than it should be. In that case, ODIN can automatically notify you of the need for remote adjustment. Or, if the problem goes deeper, you can delegate its resolution to an on-site technician in minutes.

The Smart Technology Solutions You’re Missing

“When smart technology is applied to BAS and those advancements are in sync with smart technology from power providers,” Consulting-Specifying Engineer says, “new business insights can be uncovered. These insights can drive real business and environmental value and greater business performance.”

Smart technology won’t only improve your building’s operation but also your understanding of the ways your building (or buildings, since ODIN can scale to multiple sites) operate. ODIN will track data trends and compile all that info to be easily accessed whenever you need it. You can also provide access to ODIN’s functionalities to as many or as few people as you want. That way, the people who need the data and smart building management tools will have them when they need them.

Get in touch with us today if you want to learn more about the technology and functionality behind ODIN! We can even set up a demo of the system and show you firsthand how it can transform the way you and your team interact with your building and its various systems.

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