ODIN Can Help Improve Your Building’s HVAC Performance. Here's How.

Posted by Connect with ODIN on Feb 28, 2020 2:14:42 PM

HVAC performance

Managing a building’s HVAC control system is like a Russian-nesting doll of responsibility, where one task leads to another, and then that task leads to another; you get the picture. So, what can you do to streamline these responsibilities and maximize the building’s HVAC performance and efficiency?

This is what ODIN’s building management system wants to help you with. Here’s how ODIN’s remote management capabilities can help improve your building’s HVAC performance in a timely and cost-effective way:

Track Trends and Resolve Problems

There are a lot of things happening in a building at just about any time of day, and it pays (literally, in the case of HVAC performance) to know what building trends are showing themselves and identifying whether they require your intervention or not. 

For example, maybe there’s a particular conference room on the seventh-floor that’s always a little bit too warm for comfort. With ODIN, you can take a peek at the live HVAC performance in that room and see exactly where the problem is coming from. BAS like ODIN can even “monitor itself and self-diagnose issues before they come to the point where a human technician would notice them.” That’s the value of building and HVAC automation!

ODIN’s “Trends” feature helps managers and HVAC engineers see the story their building is telling. What floors are most active, when they’re active, how much heating (or cooling) they use on a daily basis, and how comfortable the occupants are; with ODIN at your side, you’ll have access to all of this data whenever you want it.

Maintain a Cost-Effective Status Quo

Maintaining a comfortable environment for the occupants in your building is easier said than done. Your HVAC performance is dictated by the needs of the building’s occupants, which means it’s your job to make sure that your automated HVAC systems (if you have them) are doing their job properly.

At the same time, however, it’s also your job to make sure that your building HVAC systems aren’t working too hard, as that can lead to a situation where you’re spending more on energy, heating, or air-conditioning than you need to be. 

Consider the following statistics from Facility Executive: “Maintaining occupied conditions 24/7 for a space that is used 60 hours per week means the space is only seeing beneficial use for 35% of the time.” 

Keeping your HVAC performance consistent is essential, but it’s not necessary to keep it running all day, every day. This is not only a waste of energy but a waste of money as well. If no one is around to benefit from your HVAC systems, then why should they be operating at full capacity? 

Instead of running your HVAC systems at full blast all day, ODIN helps you set schedules that can dictate when, where, and at what capacity your automated HVAC systems operate. And since ODIN is a mobile app, HVAC efficiency testing and optimization can happen whenever and wherever you need it to. 

Your building’s HVAC performance should be an asset to you, not an obstacle to wrestle with. If you’re struggling to maintain a consistent sense of comfort and a cost-effective HVAC schedule, then let ODIN help!

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