ODIN's Dedication to Data Security and Cloud Application Security

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As our buildings become increasingly reliant on automation services, cloud application security technologies, and other interconnected systems, finding a safe and secure way to manage it all has become nothing less than essential. 

“Savvy facility managers and security directors will see value in using the computer-based cloud environment as a reliable, secure and cost-effective means of accessing and storing data from disparate building subsystems,” Security Today says. However, as helpful as this interconnected environment can be, it has the potential to inhibit your building’s cloud application security.

The information your building automation systems (BAS) monitor is crucial to the continued success of your building’s operation. And as such, you want to find a software that places the proper emphasis on the importance of data security. 

This is what ODIN wants to provide its users with. Here’s a glimpse into the various ways ODIN prioritizes its cloud application security:

ODIN’s Data Security Methods

When BAS platforms were still gaining tractions, many of them weren’t connected to the internet at all. As these systems, and the technology available to them, progressed, however, things started to change. With new platforms entering the market with internet-connectivity already included, many older, legacy systems had to be updated to include internet access.

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While this helped streamline building management, some of these “updated” systems were lacking the data security technologies that newer models take advantage of. With ODIN, however, managers and engineers can connect all of their building’s internal systems to a single platform without needing to worry about cloud application security. 

For example, as part of ODIN’s commitment to data security methods, financial information and personal user data are not kept anywhere in the ODIN system. The software’s database in the cloud is not only guarded by an internal firewall but also operates as a distinct entity from the cloud application servers. This ensures that data is isolated per dealer so each user can rest easy knowing their data can only be accessed by users with specific permissions. 

The Importance of Cloud Application Security

Cloud-based automation systems are steadily becoming staples in the BAS industry. Like Incenergy says, “It is more efficient and reliable to provide a single highly secured application in the cloud, than to attempt to secure thousands of individual instances at customer sites relying on IT teams of varying resources and ability.” 

Instead of meticulously managing various systems independent of one another, cloud-based building automation systems allow building managers to track trends, implement schedules, and maintain efficiency from any device, at any time, and anywhere. And to guarantee your data security, ODIN’s login credentials are:

  • Authenticated via two-phase set up through an email activation link.
  • Backed up by a password algorithm employed with a minimum character count and a required degree of complexity.
  • Only supplied by Dealers to licensed sites. 

In addition, Site Admins can create additional logins for other users as needed. The Admin can also limit how much access each new user is given, ensuring that the right people have access to the right systems when and where they need it. 

As more and more buildings embrace the future of cloud-based automation, “the days of separate, stand-alone security and building control systems are numbered.” With more technologies running throughout more buildings, ODIN is dedicated to ensuring that its users are provided with nothing less than the highest cloud application security options. 

To learn more about how the ODIN software can help you streamline your building management and data security technologies, reach out to us today!

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