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There’s no time to lose in a healthcare environment. Nonetheless, patients and staff often need to wait until the hospital maintenance team can travel on-site when there is a failure or malfunction in the hospital HVAC system. Your system won’t need urgent maintenance every day, but when it does, a safe and regulation-compliant environment in the OR of a critical surgery could hang in the balance. 

Perhaps there’s been an aerosolizing event and a complete air change is needed. If the fans have shorted and the ventilation system isn’t working, this can create delays or unwanted risks.

Hospital Maintenance Contractors Are Juggling Locations

It’s common for a large healthcare organization to supplement on-site staff, who manage day-to-day operations, with hospital maintenance contractors that complete urgent work on all of the organization’s buildings (among those of other clients). Contractors often receive calls that require immediate attention, but also require time and resources to physically drive out to the location before any work — or even analysis of the problem — can be completed.

Cape Cod Hospital Case Study

Delegate True Remote Access to Your BMS

Marc Tatlow, the General Foreman of HVAC contractor Sagamore Plumbing & Heating, knows these challenges well. He was deeply impressed with the accelerated work he could get done with the ODIN software system that Cape Cod Healthcare has in place at its facilities, including two hospitals. The ODIN cloud-based software integrates fully with all BACnet devices and BMS systems at your facility, then empowers users to adjust setpoints, trend data, manage schedules, provide notifications, and control alarms — from anywhere, at any time, on any internet-connected device.

This makes it easy for your facilities manager to delegate narrow BMS access to specific buildings. An HVAC contractor could gain immediate visibility into your system’s performance and respond to the facility’s needs from the palm of their hands — and without needing to download a full program for BMS controls. Sharing limited permissions in this way will help you to maintain the system’s security while enabling targeted fixes and keeping unrelated information out of the way. 

Enable Off-Site Resolutions

With ODIN, you may even be able to find a resolution to certain issues without waiting for a site visit, simply by having the contractor assess device info from ODIN and adjust the cloud-based controls. As Tatlow says, “I’m saving an incredible amount of time and effort with ODIN. It’s been a game-changer because we no longer have to tie up resources by going out to every call.” 

Most often, the calls he receives involve checking trends or temperatures and making adjustments using ODIN on his phone. These sorts of calls are now resolved instantly. Even when a visit is required, Tatlow has often been able to make adjustments to surrounding devices to compensate for gaps in the system until he can get there and complete an on-site fix.  

Off-site hospital maintenance resolutions don’t only make life easier for your contractors. A rapid remote solution keeps your system running at peak performance and your healthcare facility fully compliant and comfortable for all occupants.

Contact us today to learn more about how ODIN can give your hospital maintenance contractors the remote solution they need to respond as quickly as possible.

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